Stanton STR8-80 Direct Drive- Very Solid Turntable

5175JHGSRZLThe STR8-80 extends Stanton Turntable exciting line of professional straight tone arm turntables to an awesome level of form and function.

The STR8-80 employs Stanton’s highest torque direct drive motor to date, plus many features highly prized by today’s professional DJs. 3 speeds – 33, 45, 78 RPM Selectable pitch adjustment (± 8%, 12%) Blue 33 and 45 RPM Pitch LEDs Remote Start S/PDIF digital output — plug straight into Mac/PC or CD-R Includes dust cover and slipmat Comes with Stanton 520 SK DJ Cartridge pre-mounted on silver headshell Dimensions – 5.82H x 17.7W x 13.85D

 Technical Details :

  • High torque direct-drive motor
  • Comes with 520 SK cartridge mounted on headshell
  • Digital output [S P/DIF] Plug straight into MAC/PC or CD-R
  • Selectable phono or line output, plug straight into a board/receiver with no phono in
  • 3.5mm line input (plug portable players into it), Key Adjust (Change the speed without changing the key).

Stanton STR8-80 Direct Drive Digital Turntable (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Most Helpful Buyers Reviews About  Stanton Turntable Digital  STR8-80 Direct Drive

Nothing like the sound of vinyl!!!!!!! *

“This particular player is really amazing.The actual sound is fantastic and it’s also elegant,the actual looks are so neat.This directly tonearm may be the way to go.For those you analog freaks do not be surprised by the digital component.You receive complete analog using the red and white cables that includes a built-in preamp.

The digital part is for your computer or hooking up other stuff.For sound i provide a 5.(Whoever thinks digital music is much better is really a correct moron).Durability I give it a 5.This kind of machine is really a beast.Accually I give everything about this player a 5.Just dont be frightened since its a djs turntable,i just listen to vinyl on mine and im glad I got a djs turntable. “

Great for the price – Lengthy but informative review *

” I’ve been working with these for a year and a half. These types of turntables are perfect for individuals who want to try DJing out. These aren’t the best for anybody who desires turntables for pro applications. I would have to disagree with Mike about beat matching. Find out how you can beat match, these are generally excellent.

They start and stop instantaneously, and hold their speed perfectly. These turntables have an equal torque to the Technics 1200, but less than some numark along with other stanton turntables. Its not necessary all the extra torque to DJ. You can beat match and scratch very well with these.

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