Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Stereo Turntable Review

Pioneer PL-990 ReviewPioneer have been making turntables for a long time and they’re form and a revered after brand within the universe of vinyl record players. Many professional DJs use Pioneer products for their durability and dependability amongst a number of other points.

The Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Stereo Turntable offers automatic operation and features two speeds. This vinyl record player will not come with outside speakers, but it does come with a built in equalizer. The slender design makes an easy add-on to house sound systems and comes with a black finish.

The PL990 is an entry level phonograph record player, costing just under $200 at time of writing. It’s automatic with a built-in phono equalizer which can be linked directly to auxiliary input signal or a line. The turntable also has a moving magnet cartridge that’s a diamond stylus.


  • Two speeds in order to play with 45s and LPs
  • Fully automatic operation means the unit automatically suts itself away as well as you push one button to play a record
  • Low-mass straight tone arm: Highly sensitive and resistant to resonance, track records better
    Universal-type cartridge connector
  • Moving magnet cartridge contained
  • Built in phono Equalizer – Just link to any auxilliary/line Input Signal in your amplifier or mini Audio system
  • P-mount cartridge
  • Low-oscillation, belt drive layout
  • Rubber platter mat
  • Vibration-absorbing feet
  • Hinged dust cover
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It features automatic performance. This makes the vinyl record player suitable for people who would like to establish a record on the platter and begin listening immediately.

Pioneer PL-990 Automatic Stereo TurntableThis procedure carries a mechanism that transfers the tone arm at the beginning and end of every record. The record player gains some sophistication with this particular automation, and some audiophiles may wish for a more straightforward layout to cut back vibration.

The unit has a dust cover that shields the platter between uses. With the cover, the vinyl record player measures about 4 inches high and over 16 inches broad. This gives enough room for phonograph record that is bigger without taking up more room than many modern stereo receivers.

The vinyl record player will not need a preamp to be able to link with outside loudspeakers. It’s possible for you to use the onboard auxiliary jacks to connect the turntable to your stereo. The record player includes rubber feet on the base, in order to install it to the very top of your other audio equipment without scraping on the casing.

One thing to be conscious of is that it’s a built in preamp, which means you can not link it to the phono inputs on your tuner/amp. So you needed to purchase switch that is $30 in order for turntable and your CD can share the AUX input signal.


  • The Cartridge Provided is of great quality for the purchase price.
  • Has Aluminium platter
  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • Great Sound quality
  • It’s Fully Automatic
  • Has a built in Preamp at LINE amount
  • Really user friendly. With a straightforward On switch.
  • Has pitch control using a strobe light


  • Cartridge is unable to be removed.
  • Short RCA cable that’s built-in to the player.
  • The apparatus lacks customization but offers timesaving automatic attributes for all house sound set ups.

Our Verdict

This is one snazzy looking player, and at this cost, it’s going to be difficult to overcome. The classy look of the player, plus all the attributes will make an excellent addition to your present system.

Outstanding functionality and performance! Setup is easy and quick as well as the preamp sounds amazing. Even manages record scuffage than other turntables at this cost. I recommend this turntable.

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