USB Software

Pyro is a CD/DVD burning program released by Cakewalk. What’s great about this program is it has a lot more features than the typical CD/DVD burning program.Some of it’s features include a cool … [Read more...]

USB Turntable vs Vinyl Record

In our ever-changing digital world, we are confronted by the existence of analog and vinyl time and again. The solution for the music lovers whom wish to keep their sounds all together: a USB digital … [Read more...]

Vinyl Record Conversion To Digital

If you are looking to convert your vinyl records to a digital format, there are several methods that one can look into using.Method 1: Direct to Sound Card If your computer has a line input for … [Read more...]

Vinyl Conversion

The method of transferring audio onto your computer is mostly the same whichever hardware or software you’re using.To convert, you’ll need to start by connecting your hi-fi to your computer using … [Read more...]

Music Technology

In an age where music is shared and passed as a series of binary digits, vinyl records just refuse to die. Indie record companies continue to release vinyl versions of music, and audiophiles are still … [Read more...]

How To Repair A Turntable

We all need to maintain and keep our devices in tip top shape if we want them to last for a long time. The turntable, with all its parts and functions, also experience wear and tear.The plates can … [Read more...]