Audio Technica AT-LP120 Review – Easy To Setup And Awesome Sound

Audio Technica AT-LP120 ReviewThe Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable is perfect for DJs and other music enthusiasts, especially in an era that many would call “postvinyl,” when it’s no longer the norm for audio/video receivers or even integrated amplifiers to offer a dedicated phono input.

This is a very good turntable that makes even the oldest records sound better. It connect the Audio Technica ATLP120 to your computer to digitize your old LPs , also includes a selectable internal stereo phono preamplifier and a USB output that connects directly to your computer-perfect for digitizing your old LPs to high-quality MP3 or FLAC files for playback from your computer.

The AT-LP120’s S-shaped tone arm assembly comes with an adjustable counterweight, an antiskate adjustment, a tone-arm height adjustment and lock, a tone-arm lift with hydraulic action and lift lever, and a tone-arm rest with a locking mechanism to keep the arm stable during transport.

The turntable comes with a cast-aluminum record platter, a slip mat, and a professional cartridge and headshell that plugs directly into the tone arm. Adjustable, antivibrational feet keep the platter level, regardless of your environs.

A start/stop button with remote start/stop input lets you integrate the player with your more sophisticated DJ tools. A pop-up stylus target light and stroboscopic platter speed indicator offer visual assistance in queuing and playing your favorite tunes. Forward and reverse play options unlock countless creative doors.


  • Selectable internal stereo phono preamplifier and USB connection to your Mac or Windows computer
  • Direct-drive, high-torque motor; includes professional cartridge and headshell
  • Selectable 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds; +/-10 percent or +/-20 percent pitch adjust; high-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock
  • S-shaped tone arm assembly with adjustable counterweight, antiskate adjustment, tone-arm height adjustment and lock
  • Includes USB cable and Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software,Switchable built-in pre-amplifier with line-level RCA output cables

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  • Great sound quality,
  • fast start up.
  • easy to move and durability.
  • Both professionals and casual listeners will be pleased whit this turntable.
  • Although this turntable is not an low priced item, the price is is right when considering what Audio Technica is delivering.


  • The RCA cable not long.


Looking For a starter stand alone turntable? This is an excellent choice. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable is made very well.

It has great features and is very easy to setup.The sound quality is excellent. and has Nice platter and tone arm.High quality components and plenty of features for both dj and audiophile. Comes with audio tech stylus with superior sound and easy set up instructions. Far and away the best option.

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